vrijdag 18 juli 2008

Bevestiging Heiko's toestemming om europa binnen te komen

Export of ex-Dutch dogs from South Africa - 3 month waiting period
Dear Mr. Darke,
Unfortunately we are not allowed to give dispensation in cases like these. However, in The Netherlands home-quarantine is (still) a possibility for pets that do not fullfill the EU requirementsexactly but from which we are convinced there is no risk on Rabies. This means that, if this dog arrives before August 30, we can give permission to the owners to quarantine the dog in their own housefor 30 days, but this is only done on arrival at Schiphol and never in advance. I hope to have informed you sufficiently,
Best regards, Bettie Brouwer
Drs. G.C. Brouwerinspecteur dierenarts Voedsel en WarenautoriteitTeam Amsterdam vet www.vwa.nl

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