donderdag 26 juni 2008

Walvissen gezien vanaf Sardinia Bay!!!!!

Na lang wachten dan eindelijk WALVISSEN gezien vanaf het strand. Niet eentje maar minstens 4. Mijn aandacht werd getrokken door een staart die ik plotseling zag, daarna zag ik waterspuiten. Een prachtig gezicht om deze giganten te zien.
Algoa Bay has a huge diversity of marine life that can be viewed all year round. Each year thegentle giants of the ocean” are a familiar sight along the coastline and can easily be sighted from the shore in season. This includes the Southern Right whale, which mates and calves between July and October each year in the large sheltered Algoa Bay. The Bay’s calm conditions make it an ideal nursery for calving and feeding the young. Humpback whales pass by during June / July and again in November / December. The sardine-eating Bryde’s whale is present throughout the year. Bottlenose dolphins, Cape Fur seals, gannets and cormorants are also common.

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